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 ​​Group Health Insurance

"We are a mid size business with more than 50 multi state employees. Evette & Kingman took over our health insurance in April. Had helped us with a smooth enrollment and keep us posted on new health care reform and compliances. They are very efficient and fast on answering any of our questions. We are very happy with their services."
                                                     ---HR Manager Eileen L (Retired), Diamond Flower International (DFI), Sacto

 “Wow, thank you for saving our money on Kaiser plan, that is awesome.
Thanks for following up with Kaiser. You are the best”
                                  --Myhau P, COO

"This is a great news! You did a fantastic job!!!!     THANKS !!!!!! "              
                                                                                                      ----  Ken N, President, Furniture USA Inc.

(Furniture USA Inc. is a mid size company located in South Sacramento right across from Kaiser South Sacramento with beautiful showroom and online sales. We helped them start a new group heath plan and maintain their old plan from a different insurer. We also helped solve some existing problem with another insurer.)

"Evette has been our trusted insurance agent for many years. Recently she took over our company group health insurance. Immediately she helped us save thousands a year. And I know she will help us find the best option navigating this confusing time of health care reform. "

                                                                                                        --- Kelly Tu, President, Kelly's Place Inc.
                                                                        (proudly located at Sac Int'l Aiport Terminal A, come to visit us.)

Life Insurance & Financial Planning:
"I have known Evette for 23 years as a friend and as a client. I totally trust her with my insurance needs. I know she gets things done exactly the way I want.  She will always do the best thing for me, my family and my businesses. She is always patient even I have to reapply again after I lapsed my policies. Recently she helped me reapply one year after my original policies to qualify for  a better health rating to save me over $100/mo. I highly recommend her to any individuals or businesses who are looking for a trustworthy insurance pro."              
                                                              ---  T. T.,  President,    Thai Tran Properties LLC, Saigon Bay Restaurants
                                                                                                                         Phone (916) 607-8741

"I recently purchased life insurance for our family from Evette. As an engineer, I asked probing detailed technical questions about types of insurance, internal structure of insurance, different companies, etc. Evette is very patient and right on answering all my questions. More important to me, she just let me choose the right insurance plan for my family without any pressure.The inquiring/underwriting/delivery process went smoothly and swiftly with her experienced team. Both my husband and I got the best health rating. We are very happy with the outcomes. Give Evette a call and find out yourself."
                                              --- D.L. State of CA Engineer purchased life insurance for family of three

We strive to be the best that we can, provide you with a trustworthy, professional and non-biased insurance planning, purchase and usage experience. Following is some reviews from our happy clients. Please feel free to contact them if contact info is given. Our thanks to them to share their personal experiences.

       "My name is May. I don't speak or read any English. I moved and did not update my address accordingly with Covered CA, so I failed to provide info they requested that led to termination of my coverage.  As always, Evette tried her best to help me. She called Covered CA multiple times and eventually appealed for me.  With her experience and persistence, she succeeded in helping me reinstate my coverage. She always goes above and beyond to help people like me. She would help read clients letters if they are sent to her. She is very a very trustworthy agent that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a really experienced and caring agent."
-- May Y.


"I know Evette as an Insurance Agent for 16 years. She convinced me to set up a cash value whole life policy 13 years ago. It is a large premium, but 13 years later, I realize it's one of the best investments I've ever done. Besides guaranteed lifetime life insurance protection, the large cash value accumulated in my policy allow me to expand business and purchase real estate properties at my terms. Safe, Liquid, multi-utilization of my money. It's doing everything Evette told me. Thank you Evette, you are a great trustworthy, knowledgeable insurance agent."

                                                                                                                                                                --- Tian Li Wu, L.Ac

owner of Tian Chao Herbs & Acupuncture

CFO, Shine Wellness Inc.


" I am an international visiting student and my wife is pregnant when we came to US. We have been               experiencing a really hard time looking for an appropriate insurance that can cover the pregnancy,

until I was referred by to Evette by Covered CA. Though we have never met face to face since we live in two different cities, Evette took over my wife's case. She really cares about us, making instant response to my e-mails about all kinds of questions. I feel she is a real expert as a insurance broker and she succeeded in getting my wife covered even when we were initially declined by the carrier. My wife safely delivered a healthy baby now. Thank you always, Evette. I highly recommend Evette to anyone needs health insurance."

                                                                                                                                             --- A Zhu, UC Davis 

"I wanted to write a note to let anyone trying to navigate the Covered California website to not go it alone. I tried to change my son's insurance plan and made a disaster of the situation.  I contacted Evette Tsang for her help and was so thankful that I did. With her 19 years of experience at being a certified insurance agent, her confidence and willingness to solve problems the right way comes through.  She understands the system, knows the right people to talk to and gets results. As a bonus, using an experienced agent generates no additional cost to me. I would highly recommend contact Evette. You will have someone who gets the job done right the first time. Thank you."
                                                                                                                                                                ---  Julie D
A personal testimony from us, Kingman and Evette Tsang

"Kingman forgot our 14 years old boy is not little anymore. After a normal basketball practice, not sure whose idea, the dads decided to scrimmage the boys. In a few minutes, Kingman fell on his waist and broke it. A rush to ER ($9K bill), sugery, doc appts, physcial theraphy, acupucntures, etc. Thanks goodness we have insurance to cover a $26K total bill. He worked for banks over 30 years with best copay plans and he never used before. Now 1st year in self employment, this happened. I will not go by one day not having health insurance, and I strongly encourage all my clients do the same thing."
                                                                                                                                              ---  Evette Tsang